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Mohammad AbuShady Software Developer

Installing and running elasticsearch on debian jessie

Recently I needed to install elasticsearch on my debian jessie laptop, first I found it in the repos so I installed it normally, it installed a bunch of stuff with it that I didn’t actually need but I thought like fine w/e it needs, I need it to work to finish my task, and at the end it didn’t really work anyways. The thing is that the daemon wasn’t starting for some reason and it only starts if i run it manually from it installation folder, and it wasn’t even a daemon Which wasn’t very convinient, I decided instead to install it from the website, you can download the deb file from this link, then installing it The good thing is that at least this time it didn’t download all the packages I didn’t need, I had to use the init.d folder But when I tried to use the service format, i get an error After looking around I found how to register the service, you just run these two lines Then now it works fine